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Scar-Led 1FD(S) 95


Scar-Led 1FD 95
Scar-Led 1FDS 95

The Scar-led is the ideal (bedside) reading lamp. The 1W power-LED delivers more than enough light output for comfortable reading without disturbing your environment. The flexible tube (which is available in lengths of 20, 40 or 75cm) allows you to add a personal decorative touch to the fixture and/or to adjust the lamp to shine exactly where you want.

This range is available in different colours (black, white and aluminium) as well for the aluminium parts as for the flexible tube which is covered with a custom made silicone of the desired colour. The long life-time and low power consumption of LED-lighting makes the Scar-led perfectly suited for places with intensive use, like for example hotel-rooms and lobbies. The Scar-led can be delivered in different configurations, with or without switch, with warm or cold white LED.

Design by Bruno Van Meenen


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Color finishes


black            white            alu


Scar-Led 1FD(S) 90


frame: aluminium
flex: aluminium + metal, silicone
lens: PMMA




1x LED 0,96W
warm white: 2700K – 114lm – CRI>93

beam: N = 10° – M = 25° – W = 40°

also available in cold white: 
1x powerLED 1,2W – 6000K – 110lm – CRI>75
beam: N = 10° – M = 25° – W = 40°




Technical specs

indoor – IP40 – class 1

wall mounting


Scar-Led 1FD 95

technical sheet (soon online)

Download ‘installation instructions’ / ‘DWG’

If you do not have a code yet, please contact us via info@trizo21.com.

Scar-Led 1FDS 95

technical sheet