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Let’s enlighten you about Trizo21

[focus : handmade]

In 2001, with 15 years of carefully acquired know-how and expertise, Bruno Van Meenen founded his company for designing and manufacturing architectural lighting. At the time, the Trizo21 objective stood for personally designed and developed light fittings of high quality. We wanted to make fittings that were modest and perfectionist with an optimistic twist. Trizo21 believes architectural lighting should be pure and stripped of unnecessary frills.

[φωτὸς : light]

Architectural lighting Trizo21 moulds light into different shapes to bring an ambiance, concept and project into being. Just like the quality of a camera lens, the material of the fitting determines the sharpness and quality of the image. And the outcome depends on the talent of the person responsible for this, the lighting designer.

[attitude : perfection]

As designers and manufacturers, we opt for technical perfection, quality materials and finishes. Rather than chasing impressive designs, we strive for innovative practicality. For example, Trizo21 uses solid materials such as aluminium and brass for rigid and seamless fittings that suit any interior. The latest LED technology tops off a wide range of captivating fittings that can be attached or built in. The excellence has been recognised, for example, the Henry van de Velde Award and the Handmade in Belgium label for authentic handmade products.

[reach : ∞]

The refined quality of our architectural lighting is acclaimed around the globe. Trizo21’s light solutions for retail, office and residential spaces are sold through a wide network of sales points. This means that as an independent lighting manufacturer, we do not compromise in terms of quality and creativity. Trizo21 enjoys the absolute confidence of its distribution network in twenty countries, which is also part of our corporate culture. With the aide of new distributors, we want to enter new sales markets as the main thrust for the future.