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This is a range of very small ceiling fixtures. The small size, the high quality materials and the rounded corners of these models all contribute to their unique looks and characteristics. The “Code” models are so small that they can easily be used to replace built-in models but with the extra asset of adding some decorative value to the room.

These models made of solid aluminium are available in 4 different finishings: aluminium, chrome, black and white. Which makes them suitable for any type of interior. These models are available either in halogen (230V) or LED version (high output power LED warm white or cold white). The LED versions will also be available in exterior version: Code-Wall Out. For the LED we use the latest generation power LED which reach an energy efficiency that is getting close to that of fluorescent lighting.

Design by Bruno Van Meenen


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Color finishes

            black       white      alu      bronze     chrome      



Code Wall



Code-Wall LED

aluminium – PMMA


aluminium – glass




Code-Wall LED 1 side:

4x LED 0,96W – warm white: 2700K – 456lm – CRI>93
also available in cold white:
4x powerLED 1,2W: 6000K – 440lm – CRI>75
beam: N = 10° or M = 25° or W = 40°

Code-Wall LED 2 sides:

8x LED 0,96W – warm white: 2700K – 912lm – CRI>93
also available in cold white:
8x powerLED 1,2W: 6000K – 880lm – CRI>75
beam: N = 10° or M = 25° or W = 40°

Code-Wall 12V:

GY6.35 – 1x QT12 max. 50W

Code-Wall 230V:

G9 – 1x QT14 max. 60W



Code-Wall LED: 350mA – driver required

Code-Wall 12V: 12V – transformer included

Code-Wall 230V

Technical specs

indoor – IP40 – class 1 / class 3

wall mounting



Download ‘installation instructions’ / ‘DWG’

If you do not have a code yet, please contact us via info@trizo21.com.