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R52 up


R52 up

This downlighter exists in different varieties. Besides the high quality finishing, the major visual aspects of these models are the rounded corners. By using rounded corners these models look much more elegant and stylish than if they where just rectangular.

Most of the parts can be ordered in white, black, grey or chrome, which allows a lot of possible combinations in order to obtain the best suited lighting fixture for every specific interior. These models are available either in halogen (12V / 230V) or LED version (high output power LED warm white or cold white). Furthermore a version of the R52 is also available with fluorescent bulbs.

Design by Bruno Van Meenen


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Color finishes



black            white          grey          chrome


R52 Up






LED – 8x LED 0,96W, warm white: 2700K – 456lm – CRI>93
beam: N = 10° or M = 25° or W = 40°


also available in cold white:
8x power LED 1,2W, cold white: 6000K – 440lm – CRI>75
beam: N = 10° or M = 25° or W = 40°

GU 5.3 – 2x Halo QR-CBC51
(only alu reflector, no cool beam), max. 35W

GU 5.3 – 2x GU5.3 LED, max. 20W

GU10 – 2x Halo QPAR16 (alu reflector / no cool beam),
max. 50W or 2x GU10 LED, max. 20W




Technical specs

indoor – IP20 or IP40 – class 1

ceiling mounting



Download ‘installation instructions’ / ‘DWG’

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